The schools your organization serves are easily entered or imported through our fast and simple web forms or electronically through our import template.


    Teachers are associated with the school they work at so shopping rules can be applied to the individual teacher or to the school to easily cover all the teachers in the school.


    Enter or import the products that your organization distributes to the schools you serve and 3cFreeStore tracks the distribution.

    Shopper Scheduling

    If your organization has limited space, time or volunteers 3cFreeStore gives you the tools to setup scheduled shopping days and teachers can schedule and cancel online.

    In-Store Shopping

    Check teachers in, and check them out like a traditional point of sale while handling all the special needs and requirements of your organizations.

    Online Shopping

    NEW  Teachers can be busy people, and the number one reason we hear that teachers don't utilize organizations that offer freestores is time. Get more supplies into the kid's hands that need them using Online Shopping.


    NEW  Manage the events where you need volunteers, how many volunteers you need and allows volunteers to register and cancel all online.


    NEW  Managing the products in a warehouse can be a lot of work and 3cFreestore helps with everything but the heavy lifting.

    Automated Enrollment

    Choose between Web Service Automated Synchronization with School Board, FTP Automated Import/Synchronization, School Administrator Online Enrollment, Online Teacher Registration

    Our Customers

    Many of our customers are members of the Kids in Need Network, FoodBanks with a Kids Program or both. Our customer are not required to have a 501(c)(3) however, we offer special discounts and some freebies to to those organizations.
    We have many amazing customers that work tirelessly to help the children in their area get the supplies they need. Below are just a few of our customers:


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